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About us

What is NexusCheats?

We're here to raise the standard for the cheating industry and make it a more seamless and easy experience for regular customers. Cheating has never been easier thanks to our simple-to-use software interface and dedicated support.

Setting up process

When you've decided to buy our software and have completed the checkout process. You will have access to all customer-only pages.

Obtaining the licence key and downloading

Once you've gained access to our private section of the website, go to the licence keys page to obtain your key. To download, go to the dedicated page and select the loader for your game.

Installing the software

Once you've downloaded the software, make sure to follow the installation instructions provided under the dedicated loader. It's as simple as running the software and entering your licence key. If you have any problems, please carefully read the troubleshooting page.



Why are we the most trusted company in the industry?

User Friendly

Experience ultimate simplicity with our cheating software. Effortlessly setup our cheats with user-friendly controls and use it in just a few clicks.

Constantly updated

Our dedicated team works constantly to ensure our software remains undetected and updated, providing you with the frequent software updates.

Instant Access

When you make a purchase, you instantly gain access to your cheat. You will get immediate access to the download,licence and our customers only discord.

Amazing Support

Our support staff are always active and ready to answer your questions! Feel free to contact us via live chat with any inquries or questions you may have.

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Looking for answers?

Where do I contact you if I need help?
How do I receive the cheat once I purchase?

Once you purchase you will unlock download section,license key section and our customer only discord access.

Are all of your cheats undetected and updated?

We update our cheats rapidly as soon as game launches a new update, as for software status you can check out our status page !

Why is my card declined?

Our payment system is very secure therefore you need to make sure that the information you are entering on our page matches your card information. Don't use VPN. Call your bank to approve the transaction if issue persists

How long will it take to set it up?

Our set of instructions are simple and easy to follow. If you don't run into difficulties, we estimate you will be ready to play in 10-15 minutes.

Am I gonna get charged next month automatically?

No! We do sell time based license keys, but it doesn't automatically charge you like a subscription. When you need a new license for a new month you need to purchase it manually.