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Rainbow 6 Siege No recoil Scripts Cheats

28.00 USD/month

About Rainbow 6 Siege No recoil Scripts Cheats

The most precise Rainbow 6 Siege No recoil scripts on the market

Do not confuse our no recoil script with Rainbow 6 Siege cheats (R6) , ours is fully external. Making it perfect for hyper competitive play with low to no risk present, our no recoil script is fully undetected since release while providing dot perfect recoil for any of your weapons with any attachments on it.


Video preview: CLICK ME


Currently Fully Undetected on Rainbow Six Siege (safe for use)

The most accurate, safe & reliable script for Rainbow on the market by a long shot


  • interactive menu
    • simple and easy to navigate, has configurable binds for hiding
  • recoil compensation for all weapons
    • every gun is supported
  • adjusts recoil compensation for all scopes
    • every scope is supported
  • adjusts recoil compensation for all barrels
    • every barrel is supported
  • adjusts recoil compensation for all grips
    • every grip is supported


  • live weapon detection system
    • detects weapon held as well as all the sights, barrels & grips that every weapon has automatically without configuring a thing!
  • automatically detects all your settings for you
    • grabs sensitivity & fov and anything else needed for convenience & ease of use
  • cursor check
    • checks for cursor visibility so that the script only works when you are truly ready to use it
  • script only works in rainbow
    • script only works in the rainbow window to prevent the spray going off whilst you browse through your cat picture collection

Protection & Security

  • undetected since release
    • undetected on R6's anti-cheat BE (BattlEye)
  • can be hidden when alt tabbing
    • program can be completely hidden
  • hidden from task bar and task manager
    • program is hidden from your taskbar/task manager
  • runs in the background
    • program runs hidden in the background
  • automated downloads and credentials
    • no keys, no logging in, just open and play!
  • new computer? a hwid reset can be done easily..
    • we log monitor serials, hdd and many other serials so you can only use it on one device, however if you need a HWID reset, we can sort that out for you in a jiffy.

System Requirements

  • windows 10 or 11
    • all windows 10 & windows 11 versions are supported
  • non-virtualised environment
    • you must be on your actual pc, not a virtual machine (this includes cloud gaming such as GeForce Now & Shadow.Tech)
  • 10 mb of disk space required for installation
    • feel free to store the script on a USB
  • stable internet connection
    • no firewalls must be blocking the connection & the connection needs to remain constant and stable or diablo will close and you will need to reopen it



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