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Dark and Darker Cheats Lifetime

240.00 USD

About Dark and Darker Cheats Lifetime


Dominate with our Dark and Darker Cheats and Hacks, kill and loot your enemies. 

We provide the best Dark and Darker cheats on the whole market, conquer the game while playing with undetected cheat.

We are constantly updating our hacks/cheats to maintain their quality and undetectability in Dark and Darker. Melee Aimbot is very useful in melee combat as you'll always be giving your opponent a headshot, there's also aim prediction for all bow users. Within our Dark and Darker cheat you have the option to see enemies inventory and also people watching you! With our ESP hack you can see enemies, portals, items and chests. Check out our video preview of the cheat below



Use our software as long as the game is running and working








List of people spectating
Enable/Disable ESP
Enemies [NPCS]
Loot Chests
Escape Portals
Customized Colors



Players Equipment & Inventory view
Loot Chests content view


Enable/Disable Aimbot
Draw FOV Circle
Simple RCS + Hipfire mode
AimSpeed Control

Full bright

Rapidfire has been patched by game developers


Create a Custom Marker on Map
Display the saved marker on ESP
Marker Color Customization

Ingame menu
Customizable menu key


All CPU's/GPU's
Windows 10 [2004 all the way up]

Windows 11 [All version]



The best of the best: Dark and Darker cheats and hacks!

Want to improve your basic gameplay in Dark and Darker? Get the best Aimbot, ESP and more! The best part? It's completely undetected, tested and used by hundreds of active users!

Our software is built from the ground up by a team of our own trusted software developers. This means that no other company offers this exact software! We test all features ourselves to ensure our users are safe from detection before we release it to our customers!

We have an active support team who take your recommendations seriously and are actively involved in making sure you're at the top of your game. The support you receive to help you set up our software is easy to follow and understand. You can always access our live chat for help!

Our software

Are you tired of running regular lobbies by yourself, trying to make do with the tiny amount of gold you get from your raids? Maybe you just can't make any progress because you're getting teamed up or running into the most geared players ever? Or maybe the relentless monsters and zombies are just getting the best of you?

Our cheat

We use our own custom-built software, which is fully customisable to your liking. Want to change the colour of player info, bones or boxes? That's no problem here! Our program allows you to choose any colour you can imagine with a colour gradient wheel! Want to quickly disable an Aimbot or Aimbot on a monster? You are more than welcome to set up a custom keybind for the player aimbot and have it separate from the monster aimbot!


ESP Features!

This hack is for you! With our ESP feature, you can see monsters, players, chests, items on the ground and more. All of this can be turned on or off at will! You can

adjust the distance at which all this vital information appears, so you don't get sensory overload! Oh, did we forget to mention... Escape portals. That's right. You'll be able to see all Escape Portal spawns, so you can find your way out of every match and avoid dying to the relentless Dark Swarm! With our ESP, you can effectively rotate and avoid other players to maximise your loot runs! Then, when you are sure you have the gold you need, you can prepare to take on those unsuspecting enemies! Activate our 'Bones' effect and you will be able to see which way they are looking, which path they are walking and which action they are taking, and plan accordingly. Getting close to an active fight? It's an easy win! With Bones and Heath modes selected, you can see who is winning the fight and when the fight is over! Guess what? It means these guys have low health! You no longer have to worry about whether they have taken damage or not! You can see it! Improve your basic gameplay with all these features that will undoubtedly push you to the top of your game and the leaderboards! You will no longer have to be afraid to go "down" or play "high-roller" matches! Maximise your gold and gear with ease.

Stream Proof!

Tired of not being able to record your cheats because they show all the effects? That's not an issue here! Our software is not only undetectable, but also... completely STREAM-PROOF. That's right. Your cheats will not show up in your clips or streams! You can record and stream to your heart's content without anyone being the wiser!

Ever wondered if people were watching you after a few kills? Thinking maybe you should slow down? Well, with our software, you no longer need to have that thought! We have included a player list that will show you all the names of the players, whether they are alive or dead and spectating! It will also show when they have left the lobby completely by removing them from the list, so you can rest assured knowing that you have all the information you will ever need at a glance on your screen!

State-of-the-art Aimbot and Prediction!

Finally. The one most of you have been waiting for. The Aimbot. Our state of the art Aimbot is designed by our own developers and is the smoothest Aimbot on the market. You have the option to enable Prediction, which will read your opponent's movements and adjust your aim accordingly, at any distance, so you don't miss your shots! How many times have you used a less than adequate aimbot software and thought to yourself "I really need to turn it down a notch, it's too jumpy and people are going to see my aim snap to them" during a game that has Kill replays or spectators? Our aimbot will look so smooth that it mimics human movement! This means that people watching you will think nothing of your above-average aim! No longer do you have to worry that someone will see your robotic aim and report you! The days of being reported for aimbot are finally over, if you use our software.

Customer and technical support

One of the best features is that you get instant access to our downloader and game key! No need to wait for someone to contact you with your information, which could take hours or even days. You can be up and running in minutes! All from one easy to navigate website.

Are you ready to compete with the elite and be the best of the best? Are you ready to have your team always checking to see if you can party because your skills are unparalleled? All this and more is just a few clicks away by visiting our website https://nexuscheats.gg It's time to up your game!

Our support is available any time of day to help you if you need it via live chat on


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